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We are SDP Group of Companies

We fundamentally respect & understand entrepreneurs because that’s who we are.

We have held onto our convictions and become the embodiment of the ideals we envisaged. We act like true business partners for our clients: we create impact in times of growth and fight for them in critical situations. We believe in excellence – not for its own sake, but the kind achieved when people are trusted to realize their full potential and inject innovation with purpose. We offer the unique combination of an analytical approach with an empathic attitude. We are down-to-earth people, with diverse and authentic personalities and seek to understand who we work with, to better meet their needs and provide traction. We bring transformation to life, empowering our clients to build resilient and robust organizations. And we implicitly trust in our entrepreneurial spirit, which keeps us on a path of constant discovery, enabling our colleagues and our clients to take brave technological leaps, enact meaningful change and shift the paradigm.

Moreover, we believe in our clients. We believe in their capacity and potential to reimagine the world for the better. Which is why we help them to explore new possibilities, establish more resilient business models, redesign their supply chains, leverage new technologies, take new leaps in automation and mobility, all the while honoring who they are at the core. Because we want the world to be better through sustainable growth. It takes a special something to change the world. And, together, we have it.

Our Unique Approach

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SDP Group Culture

Our commitments, Code of Conduct & Global Compact

These values shape everything we think and do. To live up to them, we hold ourselves to guiding principles, as laid down in our commitments, our Code of Conduct and, on a broader level, Living to our corporate values, Putting our values into practice as code of conduct and UN principles are part of our strategy.

It takes special something to change the world

and together,

we believe we have it.

Our Vision

To be a leading organization providing path breaking solutions fostering smart communities across the globe. 

Our Mission

To facilitate best living conditions by developing cities, regions and infrastructure that are proudly inherited by coming generations.

Our Values

•Innovative Eminence

•Quality Excellence

•Collaborative Culture

•Socially Responsible

•Sustainably Conscious

"We are always ready to solve cities problems and delivering the impacts that matter to citizen experiences & quality of life by using efficient technologies and innovation management for a better future to our kids."

We have what it takes

It takes a special something to change the world, and we have it. Our people are committed, courageous and unafraid of pushing boundaries. Because who we are isn’t just about development – it’s about our entire approach. We were founded in 2020 with a modern trending technologies driven developing society combating pandemic endeavoring situation– that helped craft a vision of independence flavored by ideals of diversity, inclusivity and open exchange. Today with over multiple project offices and globally present colleagues we have a presence in all major markets. We are the most promising consultancy with a strong international footprint and are one of the leading representatives of smart cities industry. We made a promise to our colleagues, both present and future, that we would be an independent partnership. A place where an eclectic mix of people would own the business, so we could always embody diverse thought and insights. We built the foundations of a strategic management consultancy owned and run by its people. People who feel responsible for the why, what and the how. We forged a start-up culture by bringing a group of the like-minded together and made entrepreneurism one of our core values to set us on a path of constant learning, growth and discovery. And we promised our clients that we would treat them with respect and integrity – and their business like our own.

Surya Dev Prakash

Founder & Group CEO,

Global Managing Partner


             Global Offices


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Our Practice Areas

Public Sector

  • National Government

  • State/Provincial Government

  • Urban Local Bodies-Municipalities/Authorities

  • Special Purpose Vehicles/ Smart Cities Offices

  • International Agencies

  • Think Tanks

  • Embassies or Diplomatic Quarters

  • International Trade & Investment Agency

  • Other Public Sector Agencies

Private Sector

  • Multi-National Companies/Partnerships

  • Small and mid-sized businesses

  • Large corporations and multinationals

  • Professional and trade associations

Social Sector

  • Non Government Organizations (NGOs)

  • Welfare Associations

  • Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)


  • Digital Strategy & Transformation

  • ​Information Communication Technologies (ICT)Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Urban Infrastructures Planning

  • Urban Economics

  • Accelerate Tech Integration

  • Technology Strategy & Transformation

  • Business Transformation & Innovation

  • PPP & Finance

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Resilience & Sustainability

  • Customer Experience Journey

  • Policies, Standardization & Governance

  • Emerging Technologies & Innovation

  • Innovation & Living Labs


  • Digital Strategy & Transformation

  • Smart Cities, Smart X-Initiatives, Communities and Infrastructures​

  • Smart Technology Infrastructure (Digital/ICT/IoT/Emerging Tech Transformation​

  • Smart Mobility -(Intelligent Transportation, Airport, Metro…)

  • ​Urban & Rural Infrastructures ​

  • Smart Tourism, Heritage and Museums ​

  • Smart Homes & Buildings

  • ​Policies, Standardization & Governance

  • ​Smart Industries, Factories, Manufacturing ​

  • Smart Living 

  • Resilience, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability ​

  • ​Urban Economics, Investment, International Trade, Think Tanks

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It’s the norm for us to integrate a diverse team across our distinct practice areas to deliver value in the IoT for our clients. We don’t GTM as isolated practices, but rather bring “SDP Group Partner Ecosystem” through powerful business solutions to our clients.  Our ecosystem spans IoT-ICT-Digital Solutions Providers, Network Service Providers, Sensor & Hardware Vendors, Applications & Analytics Software Providers, Platform & Infrastructure Vendors, Product Design & Engineering Firms, Contract Manufacturers, Process & System Control Engineering Firms.

We at SDP Group, in a world of pandemic like situation, in order to carry business as usual, we are supporting public, private and social sector clients to deliver the diversified and disintegrated scopes of work and On-Demand Expertise and supporting to incorporate Agile Workforce. Across all borders, sectors, and geographies, We’re not just transforming business. We’re liberating it.

On-Demand Expertise

Fuel growth and boost your competitive advantage by installing limitless access to on-demand talent.

Today’s organization must be nimble — Meet Your Agile Workforce

The rise of high-end independent talent is powering a new path to greater organizational agility.  


But even the most well-resourced companies face significant challenges when installing their own on-demand talent:

  • When to use on-demand talent

  • How to create power users and program advocates

  • Which Key Progress Indicators (KPIs) to track

SDP Group supports in Transforming Businesses

Limitless Access To In-demand Skills And Expertise


Design, launch, and optimize an on-demand talent with SDP. Powered by our proprietary data, technology, and methodology, SDP disrupts the way that enterprises engage management consulting and expert talent resources to deliver significant cost savings and enable organizations to realize goals around agile resourcing and deployment.


Develop Policies And Procedures For Engaging On-demand Talent

  • Best practices and proprietary data

  • Client’s specific installation and program launch plan

  • Compliance and classification management


Educate, Engage, And Empower End Users To Realize Full ROI

  • A dedicated Talent Solutions team 

  • Education and strategy sessions

  • Configurable technology 

Maximize Effectiveness And Transparency Through Tracking, Analysis, And Management Controls

  • Reporting and quarterly business round-ups

  • Enterprise services and corporate practices


More than 3500 Smart City Empaneled and Active Experts & Advisors in Middle-East, America, Europe, South Asia, ASEAN countries

Want to join us or need more details, please write to us on

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