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Smart City Reality in Making

Smart City Reality in Making Workshop

Smart City Reality in Making

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Time is TBD


About the event

Day 1: Smart City–Opportunities & Challenges

Module 1.1. Rethinking How Cities Are Delivered – Urban Innovation & Future Cities

Module 1.2. Smart Urban Development Principles & Concepts: Importance of System and Design Thinking when Delivering Smart Cities

Module 1.3. Defining Smart Cities: What makes a City Smart? Categories, Dimensions & Indicators

Module 1.4. Smart Cities - Global Standards & Performance Benchmarks & the Role of Standards

Module 1.5. Global Experience of Smart Cities – Overview

Day 2: Smart City Planning & Development

Module 2.1. The Role of Governments & Smart City Policies: Smart City Readiness

Module 2.2. A Network of Neighbourhoods & Connected Communities: Placing the Quality of Life at the Centre of Urban Development

Module 2.3. Smart City Design, Planning, Development & Project Management

Module 2.4. Smart City Governance: Glocalism, Ecosystems, Co-creation, Digitalisation & E-Governance

Module 2.5. Financing Smart Cities & Importance of PPPs

Day 3: Introduction to Smart City Innovation Technologies & Urban Informatics

Module 3.1. Civic Technology for Innovation & Smart Service Delivery: Omnipresent & Ubiquity

Module 3.2.  IT Infrastructure of a Smart City (IoT, AI, Robotics, Big Data etc.)

Module 3.3. Contemporary Connected Cities & Digital Transformation

Module 3.4. Principles of Urban Informatics & Cohesive City Information Modelling using Spatial Data Technology,  GISs & Digital Twins

Module 3.5. Data Governance, Ethics & Privacy

Day 4: Smart City Development & Management – Case Studies

Case Study 1: Principles of Management & Governance of Smart Urban Systems: Transition Phase

Case Study 2: Principles of Management & Governance of Smart Urban Systems: Operation Phase

Case Study 3: Principles of Management & Governance of Smart Urban Systems: More Inclusive and  Responsive Cities

Day 5: How does Smart Cities help delivering Sustainability & Resilience – Case Studies

Case Study 1: How to Achieve Sustainability in the Smart City?

Case Study 2: Better Build Environment, Increased Mobility & Connectedness

Case Study 3: Resilience: Cities as Complex Systems





  • Smart City Reality in Making


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    +$130.50 Tax

    +$40.76 service fee





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