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Product/Services Overview:

BUSINESS PROCESS RECOMMENDATIONS: Smart City & Initiative Business Process Recommendations service as the part of SDP’s Management Consulting & Government Advisory service offering for Public, Private and Social sector clients.


Product/ Service Delivery Duration:

Min 2-3 months depending upon Size of offering required and Scope of Work.


Ideal Client Type:

Public, Private and Social sector clients: International Agencies, National Governments-Ministries; Local Governments-Municipalities, Development Authorities, Smart City SPVs/ offices, Private Companies.


What is in the package of Product/Services (Deliverables)?

  • Smart City & Initiative Business Process Recommendations Report.
  • Support for Smart City & Initiative Business Process improvements.


Product Offering/SoW Overview:

  • Identifying and mapping out the current processes-Start by defining the business process ‘as is’: list of roles, list of steps, handoff points, exceptions- Use case diagram & core business processes.

  • Analyzing the key indicators including the Stakeholders consultation-the steps in the process, problems related to the step, the type of problem, the impact of the problem, the system requirements.

  • Mapping out the new plan and objectives- the improvement plan.

  • Finding out how technology fits into the new plan-Customer relationship management (CRM) and a file sharing and project management system.

  • Building an overview of the process flow

  • Creating the process flow detail

  • Writing the operating procedure

  • Developing a detailed work instruction with the proposed interventions.

  • Diagnosis and Recommendations for improvement.

  • Having a Plan for Continuous Process Improvement.


Key Benefits:

  • Optimizing the remote collaboration to better understand the current state of the business processes
  • Determining how processes can be redesigned to better support your customers and build resiliency
  • Providing an organisation-wide view
  • Identifying the gaps and inefficiencies e.g. double-handling of data, duplicate processes
  • Identifying the potential areas for streamlining processes or automation
  • Examining which processes are not required or are not producing what they should.
  • A detailed BPR will reduce the risks, help manage the budget, and produce a successful implementation of any new systems.
  • Added bonus of reducing silos in the organisation.


Additional Free Offerings:



    • Inadequate Knowledge.
    • Wrong Direction and Irregularity in Implementation.
    • Unsuited Team Formulation.
    • Insufficient And Incorrect Placement Of Resources.
    • Unsound analysis and lack of support.
    • Difficulty keeping stakeholders engaged using virtual meetings
    • Miscommunication of process information and feedback
    • Problems staying focused on the “right step” during process review and "walking-through" validations
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