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Product/Services Overview:

TRANSFORM BUSINESS: Smart Cities & Initiatives Business Transformation service as the part of SDP’s Management Consulting & Government Advisory service offering for Public, Private and Social sector clients.


Product/ Service Delivery Duration:

Min 2-3 months depending upon Size of offering required and Scope of Work.


Ideal Client Type:

Public, Private and Social sector clients: International Agencies, National Governments-Ministries; Local Governments-Municipalities, Development Authorities, Smart City SPVs/ offices, Private Companies.


What is in the package of Product/Services (Deliverables)?

Smart Cities & Initiatives Business Transformation service Report.


Product Offering/SoW Overview:

  • Smart City & Initiatives Business Transformation Strategy related to Organizational Transformation, Management, Digital, Cultural Information Systems Transformation
  • Transformation of Business Processes
  • Support in Establishing Leadership for Smart City & Initiatives §Smart City & Initiatives Planning and Scoping
  • Smart City & Initiatives Set up Program Management
  • Smart City & Initiatives Build Resource
  • System Development Process.
  • Smart City & Initiatives Execution
  • Smart City & Initiatives Integration
  • The Modern Business Transformation Framework
  • Examples of successful Business Transformations


Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced data collection

  • Stronger resource management

  • Data-driven customer insights

  • A better customer experience

  • Encourages digital culture (with improved collaboration)

  • Increased profits

  • Increased agility

  • Improved productivity

  • Begin with a strategy-informed ambition

  • Lead with capabilities

  • Drive to value

  • Build in sustainability

  • Be agile and flexible

  • Invest in program talent

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

  • Better resource management

  • More resiliency

  • Greater agility

  • Improved customer engagements

  • Increased responsiveness

  • Greater innovation

  • Faster time to market

  • Increased revenue

  • Continued relevancy


Additional Free Offerings:



    • Passive resistance to change from within the organization.
    • Transformation fatigue from continual challenges
    • Difficulty in securing and protecting funding
    • Keeping priority on what matters for long-term success
    • Maintaining digital transformations through a downturn.
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