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Product/Services Overview:

CHECK SAFE CITY: Check Safe City service as the part of SDP’s Management Consulting & Government Advisory service offering for Public, Private and Social sector clients.


Product/ Service Delivery Duration:

Min 2-3 months depending upon Size of offering required and Scope of Work.


Ideal Client Type:

Public, Private and Social sector clients: International Agencies, National Governments-Ministries; Local Governments-Municipalities, Development Authorities, Smart City SPVs/ offices, Private Companies.


What is in the package of Product/Services (Deliverables)?

  • Check Safe City Framework design and development model with safe city solutions.

  • Providing safe city guidelines and recommendations.


Product Offering/SoW Overview:

  • Review the Design considerations & Surveillance equipment for safe city.

  • Review Type of alerts: real time or reactive or pro active.

  • Support in Integration of existing surveillance systems.

  • Review Type of cameras and sensors to be installed.

  • Support in Integration  with different agencies for inputs and consultation.

  • Support in establishment of a command and Control center.

  • Review and Support for Reactive Analysis: Video forensics for legal evidence verification etc. and Ecosystem of video surveillance system.

  • Review the Network connectivity and the architecture to be adopted: centralized or decentralized  or hybrid.

  • Support in Overall connectivity: dedicated or MPLS or multicast etc.

  • Review the Areas to be covered and hot spot identification.

  • Support in Data center establishment and capacity Building.

  • Support in Collaborative monitoring.

  • Support in Capacity Building and Training-Enhancement in organizational capability, Train them to obtain standardization, direction and consistency, Managerial  and Technological  challenges met, Enhance their knowledge and skills, Train the users to operate the re-designed systems.

  • Support in Quantifying the safety result, social benefit and economic benefit created by safe city investment and how this impacts cities at different stages of the investment cycle.

  • Support in Discussing the important safe city technologies and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) required in successful safe city projects.

  • Support in Providing guidance to city leaders on how to approach a safe city project, including best practice to deliver an effective solution.

  • Support in Evaluating the impact of safe city projects.


Key Benefits:

  • Building urban safety through urban vulnerabilities reduction.

  • Ensuring urban safety through urban planning, management and governance.

  • Improving the governance of safety.

  • Integrated city surveillance.

  • Workflow for a smart public safety and security.

  • Change management and capacity building.


Additional Free Offerings:



    • City planners and developers aren’t prioritizing security.
    • Decentralized smart city initiatives undermine a centralized and consistent security approach.
    • Security teams fail to address physical threats to connected systems.
    • Cities are overwhelmed with high volumes of new data being collected.
    • Security teams are not prepared to combat data integrity attacks.
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