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Product/Services Overview:

RISK VULNERABILITY ASSESSOR: Smart Cities & Initiatives Risk Vulnerability & Assessment service as the part of SDP’s Management Consulting & Government Advisory service offering for Public, Private and Social sector clients.


Product/ Service Delivery Duration:

Min 2 months depending upon Size of offering required and Scope of Work.


Ideal Client Type:

Public, Private and Social sector clients: International Agencies, National Governments-Ministries; Local Governments-Municipalities, Development Authorities, Smart City SPVs/ offices, Private Companies.


What is in the package of Product/Services (Deliverables)?

Smart Cities & Initiatives Risk Vulnerability & Assessment Report.


Product Offering/SoW Overview:

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (Threat Identification, Vulnerability Analysis, Risk Assessment)

  • Security Audits and Compliance (Compliance Audits, Security Posture Review, Gap Analysis)

  • Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies (Risk Mitigation Planning, Incident Response Planning, Business Continuity Planning)

  • Policy and Procedure Development (Security Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, Policy Training)

  • Smart city-Xspaces Risk Analysis and assessment tools.


Key Benefits:

  • Smart Cities and Initiatives Recognizing and controlling hazards.

  • Create awareness among citizens– and use it as a training tool as well.

  • Set risk management standards, based on acceptable safe practices and legal requirements.

  • Reduce incidents in the city.

  • Save costs by being proactive instead of reactive.


Additional Free Offerings:



    • Technology-related risks, organizational risks, and external environment risks.
    • Security risks, high adoption cost, interoperability between different IoT devices, lack of standards.
    • Technical risks associated with AI.
    • Technical risks associated with IoT.
    • Technical risks associated with Blockchain
    • Socioeconomic risks
    • Governance and legal risks
    • Strategic risks
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