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Product/Services Overview:

E-BOOKS: Smart City & Initiative e-books as the part of SDP’s Management Consulting & Government Advisory service offering for Public, Private and Social sector clients


Product/ Service Delivery Duration:

Instant e-books on sale.


Ideal Client Type:

Public, Private and Social sector clients: International Agencies, National Governments-Ministries; Local Governments-Municipalities, Development Authorities, Smart City SPVs/ offices, Private Companies.


What is in the package of Product/Services (Deliverables)?

Smart City-Xspaces e-books.


Product Offering/SoW Overview:

  • Introduction of Smart City-Xspaces E-books

  • Needs Assessment and Content Planning

  • Author Recruitment and Content Creation

  • Editing and Proofreading

  • Design and Layout

  • E-book Publishing and Distribution

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Metadata Optimization and SEO

  • Copyright and Licensing

  • Reader Feedback and Engagement

  • Localization and Translation

  • Monitoring and Performance Reporting


Key Benefits:

  • Stick to critical thinking paired with the scientific method to create a model customized to your needs, desired outcomes, and the capabilities to create to get there.

  • Identify and communicate quantifiable, organization-wide objectives to align your people, while setting outcome-based metrics for your teams to provide a clear scope of progress.

  • Just because you’ve found a problem-solution fit for the time being doesn’t mean it will remain a solution in the future—you’ll learn, unlearn, and relearn along the way.

  • Sharing your lessons learned along the way is the greatest gift to help others on their journey, inspiring action and debunking the myth that it’s impossible to innovate in your highly regulated, bureaucratic business domain.
  • Provide the organization with project information from previous projects  which to evaluate project schedules and budgets, ensure they are realistic, and review project performance.


Additional Free Offerings:



Tentative Pricing: Case by Case Pricing


    • Insufficient understanding/appreciation of Smart City/Initiatives needs
    • A lack of access to or existence of facilities, programmes, or resources to support awareness
    • Failing to provide support for or access to Smart City Knowledge
    • Insufficient availability of resources
    • Lack of standardized Smart City and Initiatives evaluation indicators
    • Lack of general awareness and knowledge of risk drivers and the stakeholders’ Smart City and Initiatives roles (including at the local level)
    • A lack of understanding of existing legal instruments
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