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Several Courses under this Programme include:

  • SC Fundamental Courses:

  • SC Societal Courses

  • SC Innovation & Technologies Courses

  • SC Digital Infrastructure Courses

  • SC Environment & Sustainability Oriented Courses

  • SC Management Courses

  • SC Policies, Standardization & Governance Courses

  • SC Economics & Financials Oriented Courses

  • SC Service Oriented Courses

  • SC Physical Infrastructure Courses

Sharpen your skillset and enhance your credentials

Are you interested in the experiences of others working in smart city consulting & advisory services projects and organizations? The SDP  Global Institute provides available knowledge about smart city projects and can help you with project development. The SDP Global Institute is powered by the several prominent universities of the world.


We organize events, events (webinars, workshops, capacity building, learning & development, masterclasses by developing smart city tools and methodologies and by making research and outcomes accessible. You can add your knowledge too! Are you working on Smart City research?

We provide a plenty of professional certification courses and diploma as SDP Smart City Courses-Standard & Executive Smart Cities Education Programme. These courses are designed for almost all the stakeholders in a smart city, right from a researcher, student or a normal curious citizen to decision makers executives from public, private & social sectors, especially national  & local government entities. If you have any questions, you can write to us.

Upcoming Events

  • Smart City Reality in Making
    Time is TBD
    Smart City Reality in Making Workshop
  • Smart City Fundamentals Course
    Time is TBD
    Smart City Fundamentals Courses
    Time is TBD
    Smart City Fundamentals Courses
    Smart City Reality in Making

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