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SDP Group of Companies (Smart Development Professionals LLC (US), Smart Development Professionals Technology LLC (UAE ), Surya Dev Prakash India Pvt. Ltd. (India) & its  group member firms) supports ambitious change-makers to define the future as well as today globally. We offer Management Consulting, National and Local Government Advisory Services, Smart Solutions, and a host of several other Products. Our efficient City Services Management using cost-effective technologies, and facilitate innovative citizen experiences to enhance the quality of life. Our qualified experts and team of Consultants & Professionals deliver pragmatic, comprehensive, technologically innovative – strategic, and urgent solutions, to make Cities SMART!

Smart Cities Leading the urban transformation using digital disruptions


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About us

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We are SDP Group

The idea that drives us as Management Consultants & Government Advisors

Every great Smart Cities business is driven by an idea. Something grand, earth shattering and so impossible to let go of, that it must be pursued. Ours is that the Smart Cities must master technology, infrastructure, business, environmental and social challenges to secure sustainable growth, instead of focusing on short-term financial interest at the cost of future generations. There is a lack of equilibrium – we must rebalance. We need a new model. An approach not solely based on measuring temporary shareholder returns, but on something deeper, more meaningful and more substantial. Why? Because we believe that progress and innovation should and can create lasting change. We are convinced that, in taking responsibility for the most profound challenges of our time, we have a unique opportunity to rethink the system. A new way of achieving growth and securing robust and profitable business, while safeguarding a viable future. Most importantly, we believe that as management consultants & government advisors we have an active role to play. That we stand on the precipice of a fundamental change, facing a horizon of limitless opportunities – new models, value and supply chains, technologies and ways of doing business, which must be executed with purpose. The big idea that drives us is to help organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs to reimagine their reality and shift the world towards a new sustainable paradigm.

Our Practice Areas

Public Sector

  • National Government

  • State/Provincial Government

  • Urban Local Bodies-Municipalities/Authorities

  • Special Purpose Vehicles/ Smart Cities Offices

  • International Agencies

  • Think Tanks

  • Embassies or Diplomatic Quarters

  • International Trade & Investment Agency

  • Other Public Sector Agencies

Private Sector

  • Multi-National Companies/Partnerships

  • Small and mid-sized businesses

  • Large corporations and multinationals

  • Professional and trade associations

Social Sector

  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

  • Welfare Associations

  • Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)


  • Digital Strategy & Transformation

  • ​Information Communication Technologies (ICT)

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Urban Infrastructures Planning

  • Urban Economics

  • Accelerate Tech Integration

  • Technology Strategy & Transformation

  • Business Transformation & Innovation

  • PPP & Finance

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Resilience & Sustainability

  • Customer Experience Journey

  • Policies, Standardization & Governance

  • Emerging Technologies & Innovation

  • Innovation & Living Labs


  • Digital Strategy & Transformation

  • Smart Cities, Smart X-Initiatives, Communities and Infrastructures​

  • Smart Technology Infrastructure (Digital/ICT/IoT/Emerging Tech Transformation​

  • Smart Mobility -(Intelligent Transportation, Airport, Metro…)

  • ​Urban & Rural Infrastructures ​

  • Smart Tourism, Heritage and Museums ​

  • Smart Homes & Buildings

  • ​Smart Agriculture, Farming & Forestry

  • ​Policies, Standardization & Governance

  • ​Smart Industries, Factories, Manufacturing ​

  • Smart Living (Safety Healthcare, Education, Sports, Parks, Spaces..)​

  • Resilience, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability ​

  • Business Transformation, Engagement Models & Clients Experience 

  • ​Urban Economics, Investment, International Trade, Think Tanks


Our Services

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Our Solutions

We at SDP offer market ready and customer centric Smart City solutions in order to solve the real world practical challenges along with our popular Smart City Consulting & Advisory services offering end to end client support.
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SDP Group

U.S.A. Registered Office:

Smart Development Professionals LLC, 112, Capitol trail Network, Newark, Delaware, United States of America-19711

U.A.E. Registered Office:

Smart Development Professionals Technology LLC, Building No. 301, Plot No. 659-0, KFI, Naif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates-500001

India Registered Office: 

Business Address: Unit 11, 5th Floor, Add India Centre, Plot 9, Sector 125, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India-201303

Surya Dev Prakash India Pvt. Ltd., 812, Naurang House, 21, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India-110001

SDP Group, F-1006, ACH Plot no -GH/01, Sector-76, Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India-201301

Other Project Offices:

United States: New York City| India: New Delhi| Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Riyadh| United Kingdom: London| Qatar: Doha| Australia: Sydney| Canada: Toronto

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