Infrastructure Economics
Management Consulting

•Delivering Smart City-X (Heritage, Tourism, Healthcare, Buildings, Infrastructure, Stadiums, Airport, Homes, Parks….etc.) Strategy, master planning

•Municipal Works & Public Services Strategy Preparation & Activation-Vision, Objectives, Goals and focus areas

•Identification of the challenges & the smart utilities, smart services and municipal works solutions

•Customer Journeys Mapping & User Experience (UX) Strategy

•Smart Initiatives Identification & Transformation Roadmap

•Business Outcome Framework/Financial Model, Business Unit Strategy, IoT Market Assessment

•Develop transformation plans for each service to boost customer experience

•Developing Smart Initiative-Governance/Management framework structure

•Identification of Smart City KPIs and KPIs for smart transformation advantages

•Benefit Realization Strategy

•Technology strategy planning & feasibility studies

•Current State Design & initiative Assessment

•Project Finance & Budgeting

•Drafting framework for design thinking & urban living lab (ULL) approach

•Conceptualizing & preparing Maturity Model for Smart City Municipal Works & Public Services

•Smart Cities Proposal Writing

•Market Research-Investment-International Trade Delegation

•Conducting Smart Cities Roadshows, Workshops and stakeholders meetings

•Drafting technology transformation roadmap,  integration strategy

•Developing IT, e-Business, and e-Government strategy and roadmap implementation

•Pandemic Resilient & Sustainability Strategy & Transformation framework

•Technology Standardization Alignment and localization of the requirements.

Smart City-X Strategy & Transformation
Program & Project Management Consulting

•Preparation & reviewing of RFQ/RFP/RFIs etc. of use cases, Developing smart city customer centric framework

•Vendor Selection & management

•Vendor technology selection & bid-evaluation

•Smart City Management sprints

•Mapping of the city’s interoperability needs

•Citizens & visitors journey maps

•Focus Areas Selections & Projects Prioritization

•Smart city KPIs

•City Performance Management

•Best Practices Benchmark Report

•Benefits Realization Strategy

•Stakeholders Mapping & Management

•Drafting policies & Governance

•Identifying Critical Success Factors and Risks

•Procurement innovation Models

•Change/Agile Management, Risk and Issue management & Quality Management Support

•Capacity building, handholding and training Support

•Knowledge Management Support

•Evaluation of Project operations and capability performance Assessment

•Projects Prioritization

•Operations & Effectiveness Strategy

•Project Strategic cost reductions & Optimization

•Capacity Building & Knowledge Management.

Master System Integration (MSI)

•Smart City Programme ground setting-

•Current State Design Assessment

•Current State Initiatives Assessment

•City capability Assessment Report

•City Performance Assessment

•Draft the RACI Matrix and governance framework

•Component/Application/System Prescribed Standard

•Setting Smart City Targets and Goals

•Smart City Requirements Analysis

•Assessment of IT Infrastructure and Non IT Infrastructure requirements

•Business Processes Analysis

•Software, Integration & Connectivity requirement Analysis

•Smart City Program design, planning & development-

•Drafting detailed project report (DPR) & technical functional requirements

•Bid & Tender (RFP) Management

•Strategic Planning Contribution

•Smart City Platform Designing

•Use Case Designing & Development

•Smart Initiatives Reference Architecture

•Ensure Analytics Engine Visualizations for KPI Dashboard

•End-to-end design & implementation of functional  requirements of CCC

•Support for Policies, Systems, Processes, Procedures, Standards and Reports, Safety, Quality & Environment, Continuous Improvement,

•Develop business cases

•Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs)

•Business Process Engineering (BPE)

•Formulation of solution architecture

•Detailed design of smart city solutions & Interoperability cum Integration Plan

•Development of test cases (Unit, System Integration and User Acceptance)

•Vendor Solutions’ Market Engagement

•Conceptual, Schematic, Drawing Design

•System & Software Application Integration

•Digital Technology Strategy-

•Drafting Municipal Digital Transformation Strategy-Vision, Strategic Pillars, Objectives

•Benchmarking global best practices for Digital Transformation, Stakeholder Engagement, Governance-Reviewing applicable standards for digital solutions

•Developing Governance framework and responsibility matrix

•Technical Policy & Standardization

•Data Governance ecosystem. And technical specifications related to Platform Services MaaS, SaaS, DaaS, XaaS etc.

•Risk Management – identification and mitigation of risks

•Transformation Roadmap, KPI generation, Digital Project List

•Digital transformation Roadmap

•Technical & Business Use case development.

•Performance measures,-Project KPIs

•Digital Business Design-

•Analyzing operating & procurement models of digital projects. & expected program outputs

•Business Transformation using digital solutions.

•Defining Digital offerings & Digital Solution designing

•Designing framework for technology-Digital

•Components, Architecture, Design, Scope, Use Cases and scalable API Integration, subsystem integrations (such as alarm dashboard, 3D view, energy management, facility management, building analytics

•Technical Design-

•Technical Requirements, Platform Strategy

•Technical Architecture, Enterprise Enablement

•Data & Analytics Design, Data Strategy and Management, Security Framework, Capability Roadmap

•Functional Design & Implementation-

•Functional Requirements, Process Enablement, Digital Fit for Growth, Operations, Asset & Productivity Management

•Digital Factory & Digital Supply Chain

Digital-Technology Strategy & Transformation

Reviewing and analyzing the integrated infrastructure plan

•Strategy Planning and Spatial Design and Development

•Cities Master Plan (CMP)

•City Sanitation Plan (CSP)

•City Investment Plan (CIP)

•City Development Plan (CDP) 

•Infrastructure Project Feasibility Studies

•Tourism Master Planning & Zoning Services

•Heritage Conservation & Development

•Urban/Municipal Policy and Development

Urban Infrastructure Planning

•Operating Model Design

•Operations Processes

•Service Operations Center Design

•Solution Selling, Digital Innovation Lab set up

•Digital Innovation methodologies

•Open data, ERP and managing the design, implementation and setup

•Digital Hub & Ecosystem Strategy

•Emerging technology visioning and prototyping

•Digital operating model-Business model transformation

•Digital Disruptions Lab set up

•Use Case Development

•Internet of Things (IOT)

•Artificial Intelligence Robotic Process Automation

•Block-chain Integration

•Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

•Emerging technology-driven strategy

•IoT Build/Deploy-

•Proof of Concepts, Agile development, Solution Development, Pre-integrated solutions, Deployment accelerators, Test Strategy, Test Deployment

•IoT Run/Manage-

•Application management & outsourcing

•Analytics and business intelligence

•Monitoring & management

•Operations support

•Device management

•Vendor management

•Billing & Security

•Enterprise Enablement

•Digital Culture & Organizational Change

•Cyber Security

Technology Solutioning & Transformation

•Socio-cultural profiling, availability & existing condition of the civic, tourism & transport infrastructure

•Critical demand and gap assessment

•Demand analysis of the asset classes like residential, office, hospitality, healthcare, education, and entertainment

•Demographics Analysis

•Estimation of number of visitors and residents to the masterplan

•Environmental sensitivities & disaster vulnerabilities of the critical areas

§International trade and economic development-Evaluation of donor programs, Global value chain and international trade analysis, Public financial management, Regional economic development analysis

•Performing due-diligence on services, portfolio and market competition analysis & Smart Cities Benchmarks

•Developing Smart Cities economic models, econometric models, financial models

•Economic modelling and forecasting-Quantitative scenario analysis, Macroeconomic forecasting, Economic and social impact assessment, Economic contribution modelling, Outcomes and impact measurement, Demand forecasting, Model validation, Transportation Economics

•Policy design and program evaluation-Policy and program design and evaluation, Review and advice on microeconomic reform, Labour market analysis, Environmental and social policy, Government revenue and funding analysis

•Optimization and prioritization- Cost-benefit analysis, Cost-effectiveness analysis, Commercial analysis, Profitability analysis, Project/service feasibility, Behavioral  economics, Cost-utility analysis, Risk benefit analysis, Fiscal impact analysis, Service planning

•Competition, litigation, markets and regulation-Antitrust advice, Economic analysis of M&A transactions, Expert witness services, Economic damage estimation, Regulatory and regulated entity modelling, Market analysis, Competition analysis

National & Local Government Advisory
Smart City Technology Advisory

•KPIs/Program Performance Monitoring

•Reviewing existing governance service levels

•Performance management framework

•Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

•Operational Analytics

•Customer Success Journey Mapping & Personas

•Vendor & Technology Evaluation

•MoUs Signing and Contract management

•Authoring & Negotiating the contract

•Approval & Execution of the contract

•Obligation management

•Revisions and amendments

•Auditing and reporting & Contract Renewal

•Smart Cities Stakeholders & Vendor Management

•Investment Economics- International Trade Delegation

•Urban Policies & Toolkits

•Preparing the smart governance structure

•Drafting Policies & Toolkits

•Boosting ease in delivery of public services

•Integration of operational data across systems and city government agencies

•Tender RFP/RFQ/RFI/DPR Preparation

•Public Tenders Guidance

•RFQ/RFP/RFI Consultancy Services

•Bid Proposal Guidance Services

•Bid Response Preparation

•Vendor Technology Selection

•Whitepaper & Feasibility Studies

•Technology Standardization

•Governance Framework

•Innovation and urban innovation/Living lab

•Designing & Developing the Lab framework & Kick-off

•Ideating the most desirable, feasible & viable solution to modern urban challenges

•Incubate those solutions by leveraging emerging technologies

•Capacity building Workshops,

•Strategic Consulting, Education & Training, Knowledge Management, Content Development, Executive Training

Smart Data Dashboard Platform

•Smart Solutions Benchmarking Data Dashboard-


•Web-Platform Designing & Development

•Innovation Management Benchmark

•Smart Solutions and strategy  best practices

•Procurement and Sourcing Benchmarking

•Finance Effectiveness Benchmarking

•Information Technology(IT) Benchmarking

•Stakeholder Identification and Management-

•Stakeholder Mapping

•Engagement Plan

•Periodic reviews throughout the project lifecycle Assessment of stakeholder needs and interests

•Stakeholder communication and management plans

•Stakeholder directory

•City performance Indicators (KPI)-

•Preparing the smart governance structure

•Drafting Policies

•Boosting ease in delivery of public services

•Integration of operational data across systems

and city government agencies

Global Ranking and Standardization-

•Data Analytics & Insights

•Data Visualization Dashboards

•Data enrichment &  extraction

•Data architecture audit and implementation

•Executive Educating-

•Technical assistance : Data Capacity & Delivery

•Smart Workforce Performance & Engagement

•Personnel recruitment, assessment, and retention

•Competency Modeling & Assessment

•Performance Metrics & Measurement

•Smart Organizational Development & Transformation

•Smart Cities training program

•Smart Workforce Planning & Analytics-

•Workforce planning, Workload analysis and staff modeling

•Cyber workforce analysis

•Human capital and HR analytics

•Learning analytics, Reduction in force analysis

Sustainability & Resilience Advisory

Sustainability & Integrated reporting, Value creation modelling

Sustainable Development Goals alignment and reporting

Benchmarking sustainability policy and organizational structure

Sustainability policy, strategy and risk management

Sustainability total impact measurement & management

Sustainability return on investment

Sustainability Corporate Return on Investment (CROI)

Public Sector Sustainable Energy Services, Sustainable Finance

Assistance with integrating sustainable development in KPI system, Building a business case

•Climate Change and Carbon Management-


Carbon accounting, Climate change scenario analysis

Climate change strategy

Water foot printing, Clean tech and/or a green economy

Advice on climate change, carbon markets and renewable energy strategy, policy and programs

Assistance with the development and implementation of adaptation strategies and processes

Assistance with the development and implementation of process improvements and carbon compensation projects to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Assessment of climate risk and vulnerability

Advice on energy efficiency and cost reduction

Assistance with GHG emissions inventory

•Supporting you on the SDG journey-

Raising Awareness, Prioritization, Strategy & Implementation

• Measurement (SDG Strategic Analytics)

• Sustainability Governance and Planning

• Materiality matrix development

• Integration of the SDGs into business strategy (business model, supply chain, product and services, innovation)

• Diagnostics and improvement of internal systems and processes to support the preparation of reports

• SDG targets and related KPIs

• Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory

• Sustainability Assurance

• Sustainable Supply Chains & operations 

 Infrastructure Economics 

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